1912 Mr. Takahashi Tomiyoshi founded TAKAHASHI Iron Works in Naka-ku, Nagoya, Japan
1961 Second generation · Mr. Yukio Takahashi.
The headquarters were moved to Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya, Japan
1965 The company Iron Works Limited Company was merged. This company was own by Mr. Takahashi's brother
Mr. Hirokazu Takahashi became the Representative Director
1966 The first factory was established and the machine parts production started
1970 First factory expansion
1972 Started production of rotary machine parts, CPU equipment along with others
1974 NC lathe machining processes were introduced
1980 Headquarters building was completed. Machining centers were put into operation
1985 The constrution of the second factory named Saya Factory
6-axes NC drilling machines were acquired
The 3D inspection room was completed
1986 Production of precision and specialized components for aircrafts
TAKAHASHI Corporation was established with ¥ 20millon
1988 The headquarters and the Nagoya factory were moved to the current address
1991 - July The company became a corporation named TAKAHASHI TEKNIA Co., Ltd
1992 - May Company capital: ¥30 millon
1992 - August Company capital: ¥45 millon
(¥1500 millon per capital participation investment)
1997 - April Saya factory was completed
2001 - August Mr. Hiroshige Takahashi assumend the position of Representative Director
2002 CAD・CAM System implementation
2003 - February Simultaneous 5-axis machining was acquired
2004 TEKNIA College inauguration
2004 The design and unit assembly departments were founded
2005 The Saya factory changed its name for Aisai factory
2006 - February Engineer design started
2007 - January Thailand factory was founded
2007 - February ANNEX TECHNO 2 were opened
2008 - September JISQ9100 was acquired
2008 - October Register to Aichi prefecture Friendly Family Company
2009 - November Capital increasement of Thailand factory THB 43,580,000
2011 - April Registration to the Nagoya City Parents Promotion Cooperation Company
2011 - April Aichi brand company certification
2011 - April SIAM TEKNIA
2014 - February FSI Co., Ltd
2015 -August Gujo factory inauguration

Headquarters・Nagoya Factory

Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi, Nakagawa-ku, Ematsu, 3 Chome-3-459
TEL:052-303-3347 FAX:052-303-3354

Aisai Factory

Aichi-ken, Aisai-shi, Nishihocho, Rokujuttsubo-5-1
TEL:0567-28-9051 FAX:0567-28-9050

Gujo Factory

Gifu-ken, Gujo-shi, Shirotoricho Oshima, Azakayyu-jima 1716-7
TEL:0575-83-0075 FAX:0575-83-0076

Thailand Factory

Pinthong Industrial Estate 1 Phase 10 Unit B5, 789/138 Moo. 1, Nongkham Sub District,, Sri Racha, Chonburi 20230 Thailand
TEL:0-3834-8424 FAX:0-3834-8425


3708, Sweeten Creek Road, Chapel Hill, NC, USA 27514
TEL:+1 (919) 428 0913
Representative: Noriyoshi INOUE
e-mail: ninoue@teknia.co.jp